no bullshit postcard service
create your postcard now!


no bullshit
we provide a simple and straightforward way to send postcards to your loved ones. no hidden fees or other bullshit. it is sad that we even have to say this.

at a bargain
we offer this service at the possibly lowest price point available to us.

fully design your own postcard
don't let your dreams be dreams. fully design your postcard on the front and back. put as many memes on that postcard as it possibly could fit.


how long will it take for the postcard to arrive?
this can vary a lot depending on the destination country. generally the postcard arrives in less than a week after the postcard has been printed. we do have cases though where it took weeks for the postcard to find its destination. feel free to contact us if you want more precise information for your country.

can i specify an arrival date for the postcard (e.g. christmas)?
this is a often requested feature but sadly we can't offer something like that at this time. if you are interested for a delivery for a specific timeframe feel free to contact us, maybe there is a chance.

do you offer different postcard sizes?
we do have the option to send different sized postcards but you have to contact us directly for this.

do you have any questions not listed here?
feel free to contact us - we're a friendly bunch!
contact us: [email protected]
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